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The Chocolate Hills of Bohol 巨人級甜點 菲律賓巧克力山

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The Chocolate Hills of Bohol  巨人級甜點 菲律賓巧克力山
by William Ryan

The Philippines' Chocolate Hills are a one-of-a-kind destination. Just don't expect any chocolate.


  The Philippines offers a vast treasure trove of tourist delights, and among them are the Chocolate Hills on the island of Bohol. It's a unique landscape, consisting of between 1,200 and 1,700 cone-shaped hills. Averaging just 30 to 50 meters high, they are scattered within a 50-square-kilometer area. During the dry season, their surreal beauty is enhanced when the hills change color from green to brown, making them look like giant mounds of chocolate. No trees or clumps of vegetation grow on them, and the rice and corn farming in the surrounding land provides a beautiful green backdrop.
  The highly popular attraction gives a significant
boost to tourism on the island and serves as a geological curiosity. In a culture fond of legend and myth, there are competing explanations of how the Chocolate Hills came to be. One legend claims the landscape was created by giant children pretending to bake cakes from mud and sand in the heat of the sun, molding them in giant, half-coconut shells. More romantic audiences prefer the legend of the young, handsome giant, Arogo. He fell in love with a mortal, and upon her death, Arogo's giant teardrops formed the Chocolate Hills.
  Most geologists believe the Chocolate Hills resulted from
marine limestone sustaining thousands of years of weathering. Other possible theories include the uplifting of coral deposits from below the Earth's surface. Some experts argue that the cone-shaped hills were produced by sea eruptions in a massive geological shift coupled with rain and erosion over the past thousand years. No matter how they got there, the Chocolate Hills in Bohol are a fascinating and unique addition to the scenery.
1. Where would this reading most likely appear?
(A) On a website promoting Philippine tourism.
(B) In a journal of tropical diseases.
(C) In a high school chemistry textbook.
(D) On a research paper about climate change.
2. How many Chocolate Hills exist in Bohol?
(A) Fewer than 50.
(B) Between 1,200 and 1,700.
(C) Fewer than 1,200.
(D) Between 100 and 500.
3. Which of the following features is shared by all of the legends about the origin of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol described in the reading?
(A) Family and children.
(B) Competing rivalry.
(C) Romantic love played a role.
(D) Giants
participated in their formation.
4. Which of the following is true regarding the geological theories behind the origin of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol?
(A) One of them includes human construction.
(B) New theories continue to
(C) Most experts agree on how they were formed.
(D) Only two theories emerged as the most likely to be true.


a treasure trove  寶庫
surreal a. 超現實的
mound n. 土堆
clump n. 塊狀物
vegetation n. 植物,草木(總稱)
backdrop n. 背景
geological a. 地質的
: geology n. 地質學
limestone n. 石灰岩
uplift vt. 抬升,使升高(本文為動名詞用法)
deposit n. 沉積物/層

1. consist of...  由……所組成
: be composed of...
= be made up of...
The audience consisted of people of all ages.

2. be fond of...  喜歡……
My father is not only fond of cooking, but he's also good at it.

3. come to be  存在/產生/開始(多用過去式)
I struck up a conversation with Vicky at a friend's party, and that's how our relationship came to be.
*strike up a conversation with sb  與某人打開話匣子/開啟一個話題

4. pretend to V  假裝(做)……
: pretend + that 子句  假裝……
When I passed by, Larry pretended not to see me.
Lisa broke up with David, but he still pretends that nothing happened.

5. be coupled with...  伴隨著……
These drugs coupled with lots of rest will help ease your symptoms.
*symptom n. 症狀

6. participate in...  參加/參與……
: partake in...
= take part in...
Did you participate in the community event yesterday?

1. vast a. 大量的,巨大的
Google's servers are capable of holding vast amounts of information.

2. scatter vt. 散布
That woman scattered the bread crumbs around for the pigeons to eat.
*crumb n. 麵包屑

3. enhance vt. 增加;提高
The candles enhanced the romantic mood of the evening.

4. boost n. 推動,促進 & vt. 增加,提升
: boost sb's confidence / morale  提升某人的信心/士氣
The struggling economy needs a boost from the government.
Beating thousands of competitors and getting this job boosted Loren's confidence a lot.

5. mold vt. 使成形;形塑,塑造
: mold A into B  把 A 塑造成 B
It requires some skills to mold clay into a pot.

6. mortal n. 凡人

7. marine a. 海的,海洋的

8. sustain vt. 遭受;維持
A fire needs oxygen in order to sustain itself.
*oxygen n. 氧氣

9. weathering n. 風化(作用)
: weather vi. 風化
Over the years, the side of the mountain has weathered a lot.

10. eruption n. 噴發;爆發
: erupt vi. 噴出;爆發

11. massive a. 大規模的;巨大的
This road was blocked by a massive tree that had fallen.

12. erosion n. 侵蝕
: corrosion n. 腐蝕

13. emerge vi. 出現;浮現(常與介詞 from 並用)
: submerge vi. 潛入水中 & vt. 淹沒
Paul emerged from the cave holding a flashlight.
That submarine submerged when an enemy destroyer was spotted.
*submarine n. 潛水艇
destroyer n. 驅逐艦


巨人級甜點 菲律賓巧克力山


1. 這篇文章最可能出現在哪裡?
(A) 在一個推廣菲律賓旅遊的網站上。
(B) 在關於熱帶地區疾病的期刊中。
(C) 在高中的化學教科書中。
(D) 在一篇關於氣候變遷的研究報告中。
題解:本文指出菲律賓提供了極其豐富的旅遊景點,並特別介紹保和島上的巧克力山,故 (A) 項應為正選。
2. 保和島上有多少座巧克力山丘?
(A) 不到五十座。
(B) 一千兩百至一千七百座之間。
(C) 不到一千兩百座。
(D) 一百至五百座之間。
題解:根據本文第一段,巧克力山是一個獨特的景觀,由一千兩百至一千七百座錐形山丘組成,故 (B) 項應為正選。
3. 根據本文敘述,以下哪一項關於保和島巧克力山起源的特色是所有傳說共有的?
(A) 家庭和孩子。
(B) 競爭。
(C) 浪漫的愛情占有一席之地。
(D) 巨人參與了它們的形成。
題解:根據本文第二段,對於巧克力山是如何形成有著分歧的解釋。一個傳說聲稱,這個景觀是由巨人小孩所創造的。比較浪漫的觀眾偏愛年輕俊俏的巨人阿拉貢的傳說,故 (D) 項應為正選。
4. 關於保和島巧克力山起源背後的地質理論,下列哪一項是正確的?
(A) 其中一項包括人類的建造。
(B) 新理論持續出現。
(C) 大多數的專家對它們是如何形成的意見一致。
(D) 只有兩種理論最可能是真的。
題解:根據本文最後一段,大多數地質學家都相信巧克力山是由遭受風化數千年的海洋石灰岩所形成,故 (C) 項應為正選。
答案:1. A 2. B 3. D 4. C






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