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The Food Files 3  食物偵探 3

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2017/05/09 第313期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

The Food Files 3  食物偵探 3
by Evan Witkowski

You are what you eat, so you had better learn some more about the food and drinks you put in your body.

  From appetizers and main courses to desserts and drinks, everyone loves to experience the joy of eating. But with all the options available these days, it can be hard to know where the food comes from, and what kind of impact it has on the planet and your body. Coming back for its third season, The Food Files on National Geographic Channel (NGC) delves into different aspects of food and beverages to examine the health benefits and drawbacks of certain dishes and diets. The host, self-described foodie and health guru Nikki Muller, takes viewers on a tour of where certain types of food are produced and processed, such as farms, factories, restaurants, and cafés. Previous episodes from seasons one and two have covered a wide variety of dishes and interesting tidbits about them. Some topics covered by the show included the addictiveness of chocolate, the nutritional content of soy sauce, and the physical effects of drinking coffee. They discovered the healthiest carbohydrate, compared designer eggs to farm fresh eggs, investigated the ingredients of curry and the health benefits of spices, and even pointed out the specific differences between organic fruits and vegetables and those grown with chemicals.
  Muller uses her own expertise and interviews other leading experts in the field of food, including doctors, scientists, and nutritionists. She follows the line of food production and explains the ingredients on the labels of some of our favorite foods in the world, while shedding light on things to look out for when trying to eat healthy. Be conscious of what kind of food and drinks you are consuming, and don't miss the latest season of The Food Files on NGC.

  1. appetizer n. 開胃菜
    衍: serve... as an appetizer  上……當開胃菜
    appetite n. 食慾,胃口
    have an appetite for...  對……有胃口;喜歡……
    They served a salad and some cheese as an appetizer.
    Pregnant women often have an appetite for very specific food.
    *pregnant a. 懷孕的
  2. drawback n.(事物)缺點
    比較 shortcoming n.(人或物)缺點
    One of the drawbacks of the project is its cost.
    My girlfriend made me aware of my own shortcomings.
  3. self-described a. 自稱的
  4. process vt. 加工;處理 & n. 過程
    衍: in the process of...  在……的過程中
    processed a. 加工過的
    It will take seven days for your application to be processed.
    Adam and Linda are in the process of getting a divorce.
    In recent years, the consumption of fatty processed foods has increased dramatically among teenagers.
    *dramatically adv. 大幅度地
  5. episode n.(節目等的)一集;(全部事件)一件事
    The last episode of the drama series will be broadcast this evening.
    The latest episode of the political scandal shocked the whole country.
  6. nutritional a. 營養的;具營養價值的
    衍: nutrition n. 營養
    nutrient n. 營養物;養份
    It is said that half of all American adults take some sort of nutritional supplement.
    *supplement n. 補充品
    Nutrition and exercise are essential to our health.
    Many vegetables lose their nutrients when they are overcooked.
  7. spice n.(烹調用的)辛香料;調味品
    衍: spicy a. 辛辣的;加有香料的
    Variety is the spice of life.
    變化是生活的調味品。── 諺語
    The chef told Vic that he could add some spices to his food.
    Some people find this dish a little too spicy for their taste.
  8. organic a. 有機的
    衍: organic vegetables  有機蔬菜
    organic food  有機食物
    It's debatable whether organic foods are better than non-organic foods.
    *debatable a. 有爭議的
  9. expertise n. 專業知識
    Dr. Wang's medical expertise is invaluable to this hospital.
  10. consume vt. 吃;喝;消耗
    衍: consumption n. 消耗
    It's unhealthy to consume an insufficient amount of water each day.
    *insufficient a. 不足的
    The rapid increase in oil consumption has led scientists to search for alternative energy.
    *alternative a. 替代的

guru n. 大師;印度教的導師或高僧
tidbit n. 趣聞,花絮
addictiveness n. 上癮
衍: addictive a. 使人成癮的
soy sauce n. 醬油
衍: vinegar n. 醋
garlic paste n. 蒜泥,大蒜醬
pepper n. 胡椒
chili n. 紅辣椒
carbohydrate n. 碳水化合物
a designer egg  樂健蛋
nutritionist n. 營養學家

  1. You are what you eat.  人如其食。── 諺語
    Sunny looks fantastic. When people ask her what her secret is, she smiles and says, "It's simple. You are what you eat."
  2. had better + 原形動詞  最好(做)……(語氣較強)
    比較 may as well + 原形動詞  不妨……(語氣較緩和)
    We had better get going, or we will be late.
    *get going  出發
    It's pouring now. You may as well stay here for the night.
  3. have an impact on...  對……有影響
    impact n. 影響
    The author's words have had an impact on many people's lives.
  4. delve into...  探索/探究……
    delve vi. 探索,探究
    The therapist is trying to delve into the mind of the patient.
  5. point out... / point... out  指出/指明……
    Many studies point out that laughter is the best medicine.
  6. shed / cast light on sth   
    The new TV program aims to shed new light on the origin of our universe.
  7. be conscious of...  意識到……
    同: be aware of...
    conscious a. 意識到的
    It seems that Tom is not conscious of the dangers involved in this task.

食物偵探 3

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