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A Woman’s Place Is in History女性博物館 終於誕生了

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2017/05/05 第169期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 A Woman's Place Is in History女性博物館 終於誕生了
Romeos Random-Dial for Love印度「手機羅密歐」 亂槍打鳥
A Woman's Place Is in History女性博物館 終於誕生了
文/Elizabeth A. Harris

The New-York Historical Society's Center for Women's History will open its doors this spring, a season many expected to spend settling into life with the United States' first female president.

Instead, the country finds itself in a different moment, one that brought millions of people to women's marches in Washington and around the world in January. But the need for a permanent space devoted to the history of women in America has not changed.



"There isn't any museum where women's history in the general sense is on the permanent agenda," said Louise Mirrer, president and chief executive of the New-York Historical Society. "There just isn't."

In America, there are museums devoted to spies, to roller skating and to Bigfoot, and yet stories of half the population are told mostly around the margins of narratives focused on something else. While there are museums devoted to specific themes in women's history, like the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington and the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York, the New-York Historical Society says it will fill a crucial void by examining women's history writ large.



The idea for the center began to percolate 10 years ago, Mirrer said, when the historical society put on an exhibition of Tiffany lamps. It centered on a discovery that the lamps, always assigned to the genius of a man, Louis Comfort Tiffany, had, in fact, been designed and created largely by women, led by Clara Driscoll, the head of the women's glass-cutting department at Tiffany Studios.

The Center for Women's History will take over the fourth floor of the New-York Historical Society, housed in an imposing beaux-arts building on Manhattan's Upper West Side, across from Central Park. One hundred Tiffany lamps will be on permanent display there, in a dim space where they will glow like luminescent jewels.



The center will also have rotating exhibitions, the first of which, "Saving Washington," will focus on women's contributions in the early years of the United States, especially those of the former first lady Dolley Madison. Catherine Allgor, a consultant on the show and the director of education at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California, said Madison helped create a social arena for politicking and deal-making in the early republic.

"Women in Washington built this sphere where you could lobby for legislation, where you could bring people of two parties together without them killing each other," Allgor said.





writ large是片語,意為「誇大了的、更明顯的」。writ是written的古老寫法。說某個事物is writ large,表示這個事物「非常明顯」,例如:They now have to cope with the legacy of their past incompetence writ large on their balance sheets.(他們現在不得不處理過去工作不力遺留下的問題,這在資產負債表上一看便知。)

若說「A is B writ large」,表示A是B的誇大版本。例句:Hollywood is often said to be American society writ large.(好萊塢常被稱為美國社會的濃縮版。)

Beaux-Arts是一種建築風格,源於法國「美術學院」(Ecole des Beaux-Arts),19世紀到20世紀初,世界各地曾有無數的建築師到這座學院學習。Beaux-Arts就是法文的「美術」,建築界一般譯為「布雜」。布雜風格大量採用古希臘、古羅馬的建築形式,特點為外觀裝飾繁複精細,少有地方沒裝飾到,常用於量體龐大的公共建築,如火車站、學校和政府機關。

Romeos Random-Dial for Love印度「手機羅密歐」 亂槍打鳥
文/Ellen Barry

In a glass-sided call center, police constables clicketyclack on computer keyboards, on the trail of a particularly Indian sort of criminal.

The "phone Romeo," as he is known here, calls numbers at random until he hears a woman's voice, in the hope of striking up a romantic attachment. Among them are overeager suitors ("Can I recharge your mobile?"), tremulous supplicants ("I am talking to you, madam, but my body is shaking") and the occasional heavy breather ("I want to do the illegal things with you").



Intentionally dialing wrong numbers is a labor-intensive way to find a girlfriend. But it is increasingly common in a range of countries where traditional gender segregation has collided head-on with a wave of cheap new technology.

"It's a new thing," said Julia Q. Huang, a fellow in the anthropology department of the London School of Economics, who has written a scholarly paper on the practice among young women in Bangladesh. "It's covert, it's risky, it's experimenting with that outside world which they don't have much access to."



At the police call center in Lucknow, in northern India, roughly 700 calls come in every day, mostly from women complaining of persistent calls from strange men. The Hindustan Times recently reported that phone recharging outlets were selling the numbers of young women to interested men, charging 500 rupees ($7.60) for a "beautiful" girl and 50 rupees for an "ordinary" one.


Recently, a complaint came from Geetika Chakravarty, 24, a makeup artist who grew up traveling the world with her father, a diplomat. After she returned to India from Canada last year, she posted her phone number in the contact section of a salon's Facebook page and received so many calls from unknown men that she blocked 200 separate numbers.

"I do not know what their mindset is," she said. "Sometimes they call and say, 'I love you.' Sometimes they call and say, 'I want to talk to Sonia,' and I would say, 'I am not Sonia,' and they would say, 'OK, can I talk to you?'"




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